Hamid Rizal: If You Don’t Want To Be Transferred, Just Become The Regent!

The Regent of Natuna was presenting the speech. (F: red)

The Regent of Natuna was presenting the speech. (F: red)


MARWAHKEPRI.COM, NATUNA – In the context of refreshment, Regent of Natuna Hamid Rizal inaugurated 62 state civil servants  (ASN) within the Natuna District Government. The civil servants who have been inaugurated include top main leaders, administrators, supervisors, functional staffs, and the assignment of the Head of  UPT Puskesmas. This moment was be held at Sri Serindit Building, 20th Friday 2019.

The event was attended by The Secretary of Region Wan Siswandi, temporary of Chief of DPRD Andes Putra, Vice Chief of DPRD Eri Marka, FKPD, Heads of Departement, Heads of Devision, and number of public figures.

The ASN have been appointed based on Decree of Riau Island Governor, No. 269 Year 2019, about position of auditor functional within Natuna District Government. And based on Decree of Regent of Natuna Distric No. 144/BKPP/2019 and No. 145/BKPP/2019.

In his direction, Hamid Rizal said, employee transfer in the Natuna District Government in order to refreshment. Lately, public services activities have begun to decline. “I have noticed public services activities have begun to decline. Whether the officials have been there a long time, or unhappy with their position. But it seems not to be thankful to God,” Hamid said.

Hamid said, transferring of ASN position is a rasionable way. Should be ready to be transferred anywhere and anytime. Its puspose to find out best position in administration.

“Why not just become a regent, so that can be set up of transfer. While still employee, that why the regent did it,” he said. Lastly, the number one person in this district remainded to the ASN, in order to give the best to carry out the task. Understand the rules and laws, wherever they are placed. (mk/red)

Translated by: Muhammad Natsir Tahar




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